About the Artist

Well if you are here, you must be interested in Art or in my person 🙂 My name is Alicia Natalicz, but my person is not very fascinating to be honest.  My art will be…for some of you. I am still in a process of being created as an Artist that is why the stage on which my person is now, might be seen rather as a sketch than a masterpiece. 

Talking about my inner life-well it is fascinating. Full of colors, vivid, lively, with a lot of concepts, permanently processed by the transcendent power of God.  Be careful…if you come with my art face to face, you might be transformed too. Will you dare to do that? Are you brave enough? If yes…then WELCOME TO MY WORLD 🙂

My Works in different mediums


Carrabane, Athenry, Co. Galway

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